HOLE No. 8par 5 482 yards
AN EPIC VIEW GREETS YOU  as you complete the climb from the 7th green. The fairway tosses and tumbles far below, and the entire property seems to stretch out before you. The roll of the generous fairway hides the landing area, but there is little danger as the left bunkers are well out of reach. Those, and the bunkers to the right that are 70-100 yards short of the green, pinch the approach shot visually, but there is ample room to run the ball in.

The front greenside bunkering has been through a lot of changes. Ross sketched an amoeba at the front left corner, and a paramecium to the right running half the depth of the green, but the entrance itself was wide open. A large bunker closed off the entry-way during a 1965-66 renovation, and the hole was changed to a par five. A pond briefly guarded the front around the same time, but just for a few years. The left bunker always ran along the green, parallel to the right; when the front bunker and pond were removed, a small pit was placed at the corner. Prichard’s restoration efforts finally gave the hole the bunkering Ross intended.

Ross_08Field Sketch by Donald Ross