HOLE No. 17par 5 562 yards
“A PRETTY UNCOMFORTABLE tee shot, isn’t it?” said Ron Prichard. It certainly looks uncomfortable. With two bunkers and trees to the right and the boundary woods on the left, the shot looks much harder than it actually is. The bunkers are easy to carry, and the long grasses in the distance are well out of play and run parallel to the hole, not perpendicular as they appear.

The mostly covered ditch 190 yards from the green used to run all the way across, forcing short hitters to cross it or lay up short of where they could reach the green. The last 150 yards are distinctly uphill, there’s a bunker thirty yards short of the green from which a good result is improbable, and the putting surface is undulating in addition to its natural back-to-front tilt. The chipping area over the green is fraught with danger, because of how the green runs away.

Ross_17Field Sketch by Donald Ross