HOLE No. 13par 4 488 yards
HOLES 12, 13, AND 3 are on the flattest part of the property, with few interesting landforms for Ross to work with. He met the challenge here primarily with length; 13 is another par four-and-a-half hole, 466 yards in the original layout.

For the 2012 season, significant changes were made. The old brook that ran straight across the fairway was piped and covered; the stream from the 12th hole now enters the 13th fairway from the right and snakes through the center and on to the 15th hole. The fairway itself, already wide, was expanded by fifteen-to-twenty-five yards, giving golfers of all lengths enough room to hit driver and skirt the hazard.

For many years, there was a tin cup on a chain alongside the brook feeding the pond in front of the tee. Golfers walking past could dip the cup into the cool, clear water, and take a drink. Those days, sadly, are long gone. The cup has been preserved as a memento of simpler, cleaner times.

Ross_13Field Sketch by Donald Ross