HOLE No. 10par 4 439 yards
ORIGINALLY THE FIRST HOLE,  this is a brother of the current opener. The tee, like that at the 1st, was once bordered by hedges. The inviting fairway is in full view from the elevated tee. The bunker left is mostly a visual hazard; the bunkers on the right are 300 yards from the championship tee, giving long hitters something to think about from the member tees.

“The bunkering on a Ross course is always sort of perpendicular to the line of play,” said Prichard. “It’s not long and linear where a player can escape easily. In a sense what he built was a bunch of catcher’s mitts rising from the fairway level, and when people beat a ball into the hazard they’re penalized with a loss of distance. For the most part, they can’t reach the putting surface from a fairway bunker.”

The approach is downhill, playing half a club shorter than the distance. A small trough in front will slow the running shot and also serves to keep water from running down the fairway to the green.

Ross_10Field Sketch by Donald Ross