HOLE No. 14par 3 200 yards
IF 10 AND 1 ARE BROTHERS, 7 and 14 are at least cousins. Both are uphill par threes of similar length, with pinching bunkers in front.

Ross’s sketch indicates that the 14th green was a “natural green on knoll,” and he marked no interior contouring for the shapers to add. The teeing ground was shown as an irregular shape, one of the few on the course. “Ross never imagined red, white, and blue markers for separate tees,” Prichard said. “In his day everyone played from the same set of blocks. In general, what Ross did was build tees, greens, and bunkers. For fairways, he generally just cleared out the existing topography and planted the turfgrasses.”

With the removal of trees behind the green, the back edge of the putting surface, visible in its full width from the tee, has the look of an infinity pool. A new championship tee added for 2012 gives a little bit of an angle to what had been a straightaway hole.

Ross_14Field Sketch by Donald Ross