HOLE No. 1par 4 440 yards
FROM THE BACK TEES, the full sweep of the hole is in view, the fairway wiggling invitingly down to the green. Though the brain knows the hole is mostly straight, the eyes say otherwise. The short hitter has to be conscious of the bunker to the left; the longer hitter must avoid the bunker right. Ross’s fairway bunkering generally presents diagonal options; they are staggered rather than parallel and pinching.

A drive that flirts with the right side is rewarded with a better approach to the green, which angles away to the left. The greenside bunker to the left is one of the longest on the golf course. “When Ross did his field sketching,” Ron Prichard said, “and he took a couple of days to do it on site, he actually sketched every bunker.” Ross’s instructions here were to raise the whole green not less than three feet, and dig the bunker to a depth of four feet. The ramp up to the green at front is described in the field sketch as “a sharp terrace.”

Ross_02Field Sketch by Donald Ross