HOLE No. 6par 5 507 yards
ROSS NEVER  put a par number on a hole. He would not be concerned that long hitters can routinely reach this green in two; this is one of the many “par four-and-a-half ” holes on the course, and the green provides all the defense anyone could ask for.

The original tee was slightly shorter and to the left; today’s tee draws the player away from the fairway bunkers on the right. The cross-bunkers in the ridge 100 yards from the green force a decision: go for it or lay up? The green slopes severely from left to right—away from the clubhouse in a different direction than the others—and is actually larger from front to back than it is from side to side. A bunker left of the green was removed in the 1990s, and a pot bunker front right was merged with the larger one near it at the same time.

Ross_04Field Sketch by Donald Ross