HOLE No. 5par 4 420 yards
FROM THE FIFTH TEE,  a wide fairway presents an invitation to swing freely with the driver—but staggered bunkers right and left make the effective safe zone a little smaller. The bunker on the left was moved back and pushed into the fairway in the mid 2000s. In the most recent renovation, the ground just short of the bunkers on both sides was re-contoured and the grass cut mostly to fairway height, making errant drives more likely to run into them.

The green slopes from back to front away from the clubhouse, so it is essential to keep your ball below the hole. It also features a false front, and bunkers left, right, and well short. “Ross didn’t generally stick a false front on holes where the putting surface is clearly visible from the fairway,” Prichard said. “His inclination was to put one on an uphill hole—like #6, for example, where the surface is really hidden. On holes where you can see the base of the pin, it wasn’t something he did very often. But I like this one.”

Ross_04Field Sketch by Donald Ross