HOLE No. 11par 4 443 yards
MEMBERS DELIGHT in not telling first-time visitors about the pond 100 yards ahead of the tee on the blind drive; it was a narrow ditch until the 1960s. The fairway slopes left to right; the bunker on the right side helps guard the 14th green from errant drives.

The approach is one of the most strategic on the course. The fairway slope is more pronounced in front of the green, sending shots to the right, but a large left bunker at the high point short of the green will catch a shot pulled too far. The ideal shot would be a draw, taking the front right bunker out of play, but it must be hit from a fairway lie with the ball below your feet.

The green is one of the most contoured on the course. A new chipping area to the right collects approaches that run too hard from the left.  No putt on the green is easy.

Ross_11Field Sketch by Donald Ross